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Easy Smoked Ribs Recipe

Our plan was to smoke ribs, make a watermelon salad of some sort, heat up some baked beans, and make baked from scratch corn bread. We ended up standing over the cutting board like a pack of wolves destroying the ribs and watermelon. The other sides will have to wait. *Notice the color of the ribs changes about halfway through the oicture. We glazed half the ribs so we could eat sweet and savory.


Easy recipe:

  • St. Louis style ribs (flavor blocker removed or scored).

  • Rub with a little yellow mustard for the rub to really stick.

  • Season heavily with Back Rub.


Fire up smoker to 275

  • Throw ribs on and spray with apple cider vinegar every 20-30 minutes until they get a deep mahogany color about 2.5 hours (see my last post).



  • In foil with brown sugar, honey and apple cider vinegar.

  • Back on smoker or in oven 275 for about 1 to 2 hours.


They’re done with they bend easy.

  • Check for meat pulling back from bone, you should be able to almost wiggle the bone out, probably about 203 internal temp. Depends on the ribs.


If you want to get crazy: make a foil “boat”.

  • Remove ribs and discard old foil

  • Make foil boat (use your imagination)

  • Slather in bbq sauce and throw them back on the smoker for 10 minutes.

Done ⠀⠀

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