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About Us


Michael and Liz met in 10th grade World Civ. class at Benicia High School in 2005. They are madly in love, fueled further by the birth of Henry, their son in 2017. They started this endeavor as a way to share their love of BBQ with the world. They take food seriously but never themselves. After-all, BBQ is art that you eat with your friends, family, neighbors and strangers. This would not have happened if not for the massive collaboration and support from the people most dear in their lives. If you have questions or comments they’d love to hear from you! Email at




Henry is awesome. He keeps everybody laughing.


Liz is the support system. She works hard, inspires creativity, and keeps the team grounded. She is the ultimate wife.


He's a BBQ enthusiast, Certified KCBS BBQ Judge, and the driving force behind the rub. Michael is running the BBQ rain or shine making sure everyones getting fed. For testing purposes of course.


He' just a dog.


Cody Frisinger

Cody is the lead graphic designer for HLM BBQ. He takes basic concepts and ideas and masterfully transforms them into works of art, such as the HLM BBQ logo. He has incredible talent, and an unshakable patience when going through numerous revisions with clients. You can check out his work on Instagram at@cfrisinger_arts


Dylan Gascon

One of our longtime friends, Dylan, contributed immensely to the creativity behind the backstory for the quest for Back Rub! He translated a woodsy fantasy scene into an epic short story. With his degree in creative writing, he's got a true talent for taking an idea and bringing it to life through words. He currently lives in Los Angeles, living the creative lifestyle under sun and palm trees. You can contact him here


Daniel Stapleton

Website consultant, incredibly talented and understanding. 

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