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Sweet Heat Chili Crunch - If you’re new to chili crisp/crunch - start here.

This Sweet Heat Chili Crisp has replaced hot sauce as our go-to condiment.

Video instructions below:

Sweet Heat Chili Crunch is easily our new favorite condiment for pretty much everything.

The flavor is so complex that it lights up every section of your taste buds, enhancing the food’s natural flavor while bringing big umami-style heat to the table.

Get ready for a flavor-packed adventure and please change the ingredients to fit your needs. Or follow our instructions for a simple chili crunch recipe.


3 cups peanut oil

2 cups Japones Chili, seeded, ground

1/4 cup white sugar

2 tablespoons HLM BBQ Razzle Dazzle (substitute for equal parts - jalapeno powder, white sugar, smoked paprika, sumac, and salt)

2 tablespoons black pepper

4 large shallots - thinly sliced

10 garlic cloves - thinly sliced

2 tablespoons fresh ginger - minced


  1. Slice peeled shallots and peeled garlic about twice as thick as your knife blade, or use a mandoline on “thin” blade position. Add those to a small bowl with minced ginger (remove the skin with the back of a spoon).

  2. Heat a large pan over medium heat, toss in Japanese Chili peppers, stems removed but leave the seeds in the pepper. Toast in the pan, tossing often to avoid burning until they smell of tobacco and rich pepper.

  3. Add toasted peppers to a food processor and pulse until the peppers are very small flakes - about 6-9 times. Add that to a heat-proof bowl (at least 350F) medium bowl and combine with sugar, Razzle Dazzle seasoning, and black pepper. Set aside *as we will eventually add hot oil to this mixture.

  4. In a medium sauce pan, add peanut oil and shallots, garlic and ginger. Place over medium heat and slowly fry the garlic mixture until the pieces start to to turn a yellowish brown. With slotted spoon or mesh spoon, remove the garlic, shallot, and ginger mixture placing the fried pieces into the ground japones pepper mixture bowl. KEEP THE OIL IN THE PAN.

  5. Bring the peanut oil up to 350F then carefully pour the hot oil into the heat proof bowl containing the garlic, ginger, shallot, japones pepper mixture. Carefully, using a long spoon or spatula, continuously mix the chili crunch mixture until the sugar dissolves and the color of the oil is a deep red. Allow to cool.

  6. Once cool enough to handle, spoon the mixture into small mason jars. They keep in the fridge for over a month, just ensure the oil is covering the pepper mixture.

This is great on eggs, potatoes, burgers, chicken, tacos, chips, sandwiches and pretty much anything you can think of.


-Bring more umami with soy sauce in the sugar, pepper mixture with ground mushrooms.

-Don’t worry too much about slicing the ingredients the exact same thickness. So lesser cooked shallots and garlic turn jammy and the ginger adds a great, subtle flavor.

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