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Hot Pork Belly Burnt Ends - Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning

Smoked hot and sweet pork belly treat. Sticky sweet appetizer or main course.

Try this variation on the pork belly burnt end! It’s the perfect appetizer or main course. The fat renders to make a melt-in-your-mouth spicy burnt end with honey-sweet glaze to keep you coming back for more. These are EASY and sure to please the crowd.

Recipe below!


2.5lb slab of pork belly, cubed into 2 inch cubes

1/3 cup of Nashville hot chicken rub

Yellow mustard binder


1/3 cup water

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup soy sauce

Wrap ingredients:

1/3 cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons hot chicken rub

3 tablespoons honey

Olive oil


  1. Toss cubes of pork belly in mustard to bind, then season with hot chicken seasoning.

  2. Set smoker to 250F. Smoke for about 3.5 hours.

  3. Toss cubes of pork belly into a metal tin with wrap ingredients. Spray with the mop. Toss in wrap mixture, cover in foil, and smoke for 1 hour 30 more minutes until tender probe tender.

  4. Remove the foil cover, and smoke additional 15 minutes uncovered.

  5. Serve them as is or cover them in extra honey.

Great in a rice bowl or hot pork belly sandwich with coleslaw.

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