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Carnitas: Morsels of pork paradise!

Unbelievably good Dutch Oven pork Carnitas for tacos.

Video instruction below:

Carnitas are our favorite taco protein. Easy to make, incredible flavor, and better than the taco truck. The Dutch-Oven makes this recipe easy but you could cook it in pot on the stove, pressure cooker or pot on the stove (it was raining when we made this recipe):

"Unf***ing believable." - Steve (dad/grandpa)

Carnitas are easily our favorite meat for tacos. We take the time to remove excess fat from the pork shoulder but it's not necessary. Great for tacos, nachos, breakfast burritos, salad or by itself. Pair with our Salsa Verde recipe to rock your socks off. Tweak this recipe to your liking or follow it as is.

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Carnitas Tacos

Prep 20 minutes

Cook 1.5 hours

Total time under 2 hours

Taco Fixings

  • Cilantro

  • White Onion

  • Salsa Verde

  • Lime

  • Tortillas

  • Chips


  • Pork Shoulder 4lb cleaned and cubed

  • 1 tbsp. Oregano

  • Olive Oil

  • ¼ cup Crisco

  • 1/2 cup milk



  1. Set oven to 375, place Dutch-oven in over to warm.

  2. Debone and remove excess fat from pork shoulder. Cut into 1.5 inch cubes, toss in olive oil and season with Razzle Dazzle and oregano.

  3. Add Crisco/oil to Dutch-oven and brown carnitas. Cover and roast in oven for about 1.5 hours or until tender.

  4. Remove lid and test for tenderness with meat thermometer. Heat pan over medium high heat and crisp morsel for 3 minutes. Drain fat with spoon and deglaze pan with 1/2 cup milk.

  5. Continue cooking until milk evaporates and pork reabsorbs juices.

  6. Serve immediately on toasted tortilla (use a Comal), top with salsa verde, white onion, cilantro and lime.

  7. Keep leftovers in the fridge for up to 5 days, but it'd be a lot cooler if you gave some to your neighbor or family.

Try it out and share what you think!

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