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Better Bacon - Is it better?

Yes it's better. Sweet, spicy and savory. Our friends Roxanne and Ian Sikes taught us a trick where you lay foil on a baking sheet, spread out your bacon and bake it. Once done baking, place bacon on a paper towel to sop up the grease then toss the bacon on a cutting board. Then, take that greasy paper towel, carefully dab the tears of joy from your cheeks (without burning your face), throw the towel on the greasy foil, wrap foil up and throw away. Virtually NO MESS. OR save that bacon grease, let cool in a mason jar, and spoon it into a pan for fried eggs.

Better Bacon Recipe


  • 1lb Bacon

  • HLM BBQ Back Rub Seasoning - Enough to coat 1 side of bacon

  • 1/4 cup Brown Sugar (optional)

  1. Set oven to 375

  2. Foil baking sheet

  3. Evenly spread bacon across baking sheet

  4. Season bacon side facing up evenly with HLM BBQ Back Rub

  5. Crumble Brown Sugar evenly over bacon

Depending on how THICK you buy your bacon it will take 15 - 25 minutes

Dab on paper towel and serve.

Great with breakfast.

Better BLT! - Coming Soon

Show us your bacon! @HLMBBQ

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